How do we make events amazing?

We have amazing people. UPC consists of a board of directors and assistant directors. Each director plays a unique and essential role in the organization and their assistant director is their sidekick. The administrative team, for instance, is composed of the president, vice president of membership and vice president of operations. Together, they facilitate and ensure that events are executed smoothly and efficiently. The public relations team is the voice behind our tweets, blog and facebook posts. Our director of finance tracks expenditures and monitors our budget. He also acts as a liaison between UPC and the Denison Campus Governing Association. Finally, our programming directors are the creative force behind each event. They strive to make every concert, comedian, speaker and trip unique and fun. They work directly with the public relations team to design distinct and innovative campaigns.

Our directors are assemble crazy, brilliant, quirky and they practice think outside the box. transpose  But UPC is more than the sum of its parts. We nurture our proscar uk debate creativity with whits and have a peek at this site active brainstorming. We grow together as a team and believe that we can create something truly stunning.